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Documentation & Registration

M/S My Lord Law Associates understands the complexities of legal documentation and registration procedures. We offer comprehensive services to guide you through the process efficiently and accurately.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Property Registration: We handle the entire property registration process from document verification and preparation of deeds to submitting the same to the relevant authorities.
  • Company Registration: Our team assists with company formation, drafting legal documents, and ensuring compliance with all registration requirements.
  • Contract Drafting & Review: We meticulously draft and review contracts to protect your interests and ensure clarity of terms.
  • Will & Estate Planning: Our lawyers guide you through the process of creating a will and probating it, Letter of Administration and estate plan to safeguard your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out.
  • Power of Attorney: We can assist in drafting and registering a power of attorney to authorize someone to act on your behalf in legal or financial matters.
  • Other Documentation Needs: We handle various legal documents including Sale Deeds, Gift Deeds, Mortgage Agreements, etc.
  • Buying and selling of Property: Involves several legal steps: ensuring a clear title through verification, drafting a contract outlining the terms, and registering the sale with the government to transfer ownership.

We provide effective Legal Aid Services.


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