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M/s My Lord Law Associates is a Chennai’s leading law firm having over 18 years of legal expertise, providing comprehensive legal services across various areas. This signifies our long-standing presence in the legal landscape and our potential to leverage past cases and knowledge for future clients. We boast a team of 60+ highly qualified advocates, each with expertise in various legal domains. Ensuring clients have access to a diverse pool of legal minds capable of handling complex cases, an additional 33+ legal professionals provide support in areas like Court Procedures, Revenue related matters, IT legalities and Finance. Our comprehensive team ensures clients receive well-rounded legal guidance, professional help and exceptional service in Chennai and all over India.

What We Do

Our Client- Centric Approach and Unwavering Commitment



Our Associates prioritize professional representation, ensuring clients are well-informed and advocated throughout the legal process.


Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is paramount and our firm strives to achieve the best possible outcome for each case they handle.


Tailored LEgal Guidance

Our focus lies on addressing your legal needs by providing accurate and timely legal advice tailored to your specific situation.


Criminal Justice

We operate with the motto "Truth Alone Triumphs," signifying our dedication to upholding the truth and fiercely advocating for our clients' rights and interests.

We provide effective Legal Aid Services.


Old no. 1666, New No. 26, 1st floor, I-Block, 6th avenue, Anna nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600040.

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